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The artful home: 5 Tips To Make Your Charleston Home Your Canvas

You’ve built your new Saussy Burbank home in Charleston, found the exact right shade of paint for the walls, finally got all your boxes unpacked and figured out where to put the TV for maximum couch-to-Netflix viewing. But as you look around, do you feel like something is missing?

A home isn’t a home until you put your personal stamp on it, and often the finishing touches include artwork. 

American dancer, choreographer and author Twyla Tharp once said that “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” It can make your home more interesting, more inviting, more colorful–and more you.

But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? Or have no idea what your personal art style is? Or wonder where to start?

Finding your art inspiration can be as simple as scrolling through social media. Follow local creative pages like Spoleto Festival, MOJA Arts Festival, Charleston Gallery Association or Explore Charleston and start to get an idea of what speaks to you. Do you prefer photography or paintings? Dark colors or light? Landscapes or abstract images? 

Some of the best art can come from people who aren’t well-known on the art scene. Student art is a great way to invest in unique pieces from up-and-comers; visit places like the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at The College of Charleston to check out exhibitions.

Remember that your collection of art can be whatever you want it to be! If you find one or two artists you really like, it could include multiple pieces from them. If you enjoy traveling, you could make a point to purchase art when you travel so your home reminds you of the places you’ve been. And art doesn’t have to be just on canvas—it can include sculpture, glasswork, baskets and even beautiful books.

Know who else can make meaningful art? You and your family! There are paint night and paint-your-own galleries in most cities, or you can make your way to the local craft store and pick up canvases, paint and brushes and make a creative night of it. Have each person create their own masterpiece, then hang them together in a family art collage.

If, after all your efforts to find art you love, you decide that what you enjoy the most are works from famous artists like Monet or Van Gogh or Ansel Adams—buy prints! A print in a quality frame is just as valuable to your home’s style as an investment in an original piece.

Art is about your personal style, what moves you and what makes your home feel like you. If you find a piece that you like, it doesn’t matter how large or small, expensive or bargain-priced it is! Find a spot for it and let it take you away every time you look at it.

If you’re looking for in-person art inspiration, come by our model homes in Midtown Nexton. The Charleston region’s most exciting new homes community, Midtown is home to a fresh selection of Saussy Burbank home plans and styles. Two model homes are expertly appointed with an artful eye. Come by 209 Carefree Way for a tour. Who knows, maybe you’ll find more than art to fall in love with!

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