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Buying Your Next Charleston Home: Why new buyers are opting for quality over quantity

Finding a home that fits every want and need on your wishlist is always a challenge. Large living spaces, open concepts with floor to ceiling windows and every bell and whistle imaginable—after all, why not go big and go home, right?

Or maybe not? 

A recent Redfin survey found that most buyers are choosing single-family homes over multi-family options, but they aren’t always opting for the biggest home their budget allows. As it turns out, first-time and repeat home buyers alike are more interested in having a cozy entertaining space or private back yard over a sprawling home that drains their savings account and their time. Think: quality over quantity. 

A Home With Just the Right Amount of Space

With a thoughtfully-designed Cottage at Nexton, for example, your next Charleston home can blend the easy Lowcountry living with chic, modern designs. These homes are focused on quality and craftsmanship over square feet, and offer comfort that doesn’t feel cramped.With three floor plans to choose from, the Cottages at Nexton collection gives homebuyers exactly what they want at a price that they can afford.

Turns out, the push for better homes over larger homes is not new. While there was a rise in square footage in 2015, the average home size has been steadily decreasing ever since. In fact, according to the same article that highlighted the recent Redfin survey, the median home size in the U.S. in 1975 was 1,535 square feet. It peaked at 2,467 square feet for the typical home in 2015 and has dropped since then to 2,386 square feet in 2018.” 

An Eye For Details

Cottages homes at Nexton boast flexible plans that allow home owners to focus on the details that make a house feel like a forever home.

Some of these features and perks include:

  • Spacious balconies—upstairs and downstairs.
  • Functional kitchens for cooking and entertaining.
  • Efficient use of living spaces (so wasted square footage isn’t collecting dust instead of memories!)
  • Flexible, open concept that allows you to design the way you live.
  • Community-driven facilities and neighborhood designs with parks, grasses to play on, and entertainment facilities.
  • Financially feasible from start to finish: Starting in the low $200’s so it’s a smart purchase—and lower utility costs so it continues to be the right investment for your budget.
  • Convenient location to downtown Charleston, a short drive to the beaches and only hours from the mountains.

The jury is in: wasted space is a thing of the past—today’s buyers are looking for efficiency, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. Luckily, we cover all three… and then some. Whether you’re just starting your look or simply haven’t found the house you’re ready to call home, The Cottages at Nexton in Summerville, South Carolina are waiting for you. Explore the collection, then contact us today to set up an appointment with an agent.

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Saussy Burbank

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