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Coastal Chic in Charleston, SC

Every so often we build a home that draws us back to our roots. A home that architecturally captures our ideology, weds deeply with the southern soil it sits on and humbly showcases the finest design details known to our craft. Our hope for this home as is for every home we build is to withstand the test of time by inspiring better living for the generations today and tomorrow. We are honored to present our completed custom Rushland Infill home nestled within Johns Island, South Carolina.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the brains and heart of our Rushland Infill, Sarah Staton Nash. Sarah Staton is our head Design Consultant in Charleston and oversaw the design process for the Rushland project. We have shared exclusively below answers Nash provided regarding design inspiration, expert advice and her favorite spaces. Whether you are wishing to have your next custom home experience with us or you are simply seeking creative ideas, we hope our Rushland Infill as well as our Charleston portfolio of new homes inspires you to the fullest.

Q: How would you describe the overall design
and aesthetic of this home?

A:  I’d call this home “Coastal Chic.”  It has some of those classic beach home qualities – large porches, shiplap, etc. – but with distinctly high-end finishes, like using brass in the main living spaces. – SSN

Q: Talk to us about the exterior and interior paint selections…

A: The exterior colors actually took a lot of time and energy. We revisited the drawing board multiple times with our homeowner due to certain neighborhood color guidelines.  Our client wanted a tone-on-tone palette for the outside, so, on a recommendation from the architect, we went with a color from the Colors of Historic Charleston color palette – Quill DCR102.  We used a 50% shade for the siding and trim, and then decided on a dark shade for the shutters – Urbane Bronze sw7048. The foundation received a darker color called Pavestone sw7642 with the 50% Quill on the siding and trim.  Overall, we were so pleased with the final product!

As for the interior, the homeowner wanted a very neutral color. We went with Alabaster sw7008 to match the kitchen cabinets throughout, except in 2 bathrooms, where we went slightly warmer to complement the warmer tile, and the mudroom/laundry area. 

Q: The light fixtures are gorgeous & unique. Can you give us some insight on why each were picked?

A: All of the fixtures came from Circa Lighting.  We went to their showroom in Downtown Charleston.  Our client knew exactly what she wanted.  She had pictures from another house that she wanted to emulate, so that made the process very easy. 

All of Circa’s fixtures are incredibly beautiful, so it would be hard to go wrong with anything they offer!

Q: Do you have a favorite room in this home? 

A: Oddly enough, my favorite room in the house is the mudroom/laundry room/pantry.  Our Rushland homeowner wanted to go totally monotone in these locations.  Everything – walls, ceiling, trim, cabinets – is exactly the same color.  We started with a cabinet color and then had Sherwin-Williams color match that cabinet and create paint for us.  I think it is the coolest spot in the house!  It’s also hard to compete with that porch and the view, though!

Q: In general, what is your favorite part in designing a home?

A: I love watching my ideas come to life. You start out with this vision in your head, and to see it all come together is really something special. It’s even more special to work with a buyer or homeowner who has a hard time seeing it, and then they end up incredibly happy with the finished product. Happy homeowners are definitely the best part of my job!

Saussy Burbank

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