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“Cottage” Never Felt So Spacious

You might be surprised to hear home sizes have been trending smaller in the past few years, with home buyers putting more emphasis on how the home lives versus raw square footage. And after all, more space means more to keep up with, and who has time for that? When we drew up our latest home plans, we had modern living in mind. Below, four design elements that make our Cottages at Nexton Collection perfectly sized anytime.

All About the Flex Space

When it comes to making the most out of any space, it’s best to have areas that can be interchangeably used for different needs. In other words, it’s all about the “flex spaces” that give you functional living/ entertaining areas without feeling cramped. A great example of this is an office with a guest bed, or a living/ dining space that can transition to accommodate parties of any sizes. Plus, with The Cottages’ unique nooks for studying or working, you’ll quickly find bonus space everywhere you look.

Thoughtful Sizing Designs

While having space to live and move freely is a must in any home, there’s also something about “wasted space” that homeowners of today dislike… and for good reason. Modern homebuyers are aware of efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and of course, not overspending for larger corners of homes that will inevitably only collect dust.

To avoid this, the design and building brains behind The Cottages put thought into every square inch of these gorgeous Charleston homes. Some are small tweaks, such as shaving a few feet off of a bedroom to allow for a larger bathroom or closet. Other recent trends have been to eliminate once popular dedicated rooms—such as separate living and formal rooms—for one large multi-functional space, similar to the flex concept. Ultimately, it’s all about having the forethought to give homebuyers the ability to utilize their homes to the fullest, without spending money for excessive square footage that doesn’t serve a purpose.

Ample Storage Space

If there’s one thing that always surprises potential homebuyers during tours, it’s the innovative solutions we have found to maximize storage. Built-in kitchen storage, secret spaces to tuck away shoes and outdoor accessories, food pantries, and hallway closets galore. Whether you want to avoid the visible clutter… or organize like a pro… The Cottages have the storage spaces to get the job done.

Take the Fun Outdoors

We like to say “life happens beyond the four walls” because the memories and fun don’t stop when you walk outdoors. With long, welcoming balconies, screened or open porches and just-right sized yards, there’s always somewhere to sneak away to for a midday nap in a hammock or impromptu alfresco dinner date. And while it’s not immediately outside your front door, it is only a few steps away and worth mentioning: beautiful greenspaces, trails for walking, jogging or biking, and community spaces that stretch far and wide.

Think you can see yourself living the Lowcountry life in one of our Cottages at Nexton? Click here to request more information, to schedule a virtual tour, or see one in person!



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