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Home building 101: What buyers should ask themselves

Home building 101: What buyers should ask themselves 

Buying a home is a major project on its own, but building one takes an even higher level of commitment. But it also opens a world of opportunities for you to create a house that uniquely fits your family. We sat down with the talented, experienced Saussy Burbank sales team to find out what questions a family should ask themselves before they sit down with an agent to write a contract on a new home. Buying or building soon? Read on! 

Ask your family about…your lifestyle 

By far, the most important thing to consider is your family’s lifestyle. Know ahead of time what the house will be for you. Are you building a place for the next few years, or are you building a forever home? This will likely make a difference in how much you need to customize and how much you’re willing to spend.  In other words: what is most important to your family in a home?

Do you plan to travel often? Consider what materials and builds will be low maintenance. A townhome requires less exterior maintenance on the part of the homeowners, so unmowed grass or dead landscaping is less of a concern. If you plan to spend an extended time away, consider what materials are easiest to maintain.

Finally, keep in mind if and when you’ll sell your home down the road. While it’s important to make design options that best suit you, be wary of what others might find odd when it’s time for you to move on to your next home. 

Consider location, location, location

Are you building in an area that supplies everything you need – and want? How long are you willing to commute, and what places are worth making a longer trip? If schools are important to you, always check with the district you plan to move into. School zones often change unexpectedly, so be sure you aren’t building in a place that isn’t where you want to be. 

How many square feet is enough…or too much?

How much space do you need? It seems as easy to answer as counting the number of people in the house, but let’s dive deeper. Everybody needs a bedroom, but who can share a bathroom comfortably? If you do a lot of your work from home, consider whether you need an office space to keep you focused or whether you can make a room multitask (aka: playroom on the weekends and office on weekdays). If you plan to host lots of gatherings, more kitchen and living room space might be more beneficial than larger bedrooms. 

Do you plan to start a family or already have young children? If so, buy larger now so your family can grow into the space over time, instead of outgrowing the home in a few short years. On the other end, if you have children preparing to  move out in the coming years, you could be left with spare bedrooms that aren’t used. How can you maximize square footage now so you aren’t left heating, cooling, and maintaining unused space?

Let’s talk money

Another simple but crucial question is… what is your budget? Quick tip: Don’t start the project at your budget limit. More often than not, you’ll run into must-have upgrades or adjustments that push that number a little higher. Choose a starting-from price that allows some wiggle room. 

Also consider how much money you can realistically spend and not just what the bank is offering to lend. Talk budget in depth with your sales agent, and be sure to ask about any additional pricing or fees that naturally occur when building a new home in the Charleston region. 

Timing is key

Is there a baby on the way? If you’re moving for a job, when do you need to start making an appearance in the office? When are you selling your current place? How long can you afford the double payments, or where will you stay in between houses? 

Before you commit to building a home, set a basic timeline. This way, you can clearly communicate with the builder, and if the estimated timeline is feasible. Keep in mind that building a house will rarely go perfectly, despite our best efforts. How much time do you have to spare when the unexpected strikes? 

Stressed out?

Building a new home is a stressful experience, no matter how you slice it. Choosing a reliable, communicative, and experienced builder goes a long way in alleviating stress along your build out. Connecting with and trusting your sales agent is key, too. 

Saussy Burbank has been awarded the Guildmaster Award, the industry’s highest honor for customer satisfaction, 10 times since 2011. In fact, you can read feedback from recent buyers here

“Saussy exceeded our expectations! We have heard horror stories of problems with other builders not communicating or taking much longer to finish their home than expected,” one Summerville homebuyer recently shared. “Saussy is not like any other builder! They stay on top of their vendors, continuously update you on the progress of your home and are willing to work with you to make sure your home is everything you want. We were told 6-8 months from initial signing of our contract to closing, we closed in 6 months!”**

Ready to embark on a big, exciting homebuilding adventure? We’re ready when you are. Reach out to schedule an appointment to get started on your Summerville dream home today!


** Talk to your builder about current construction delays that might challenge an expedited build.

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