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Home design: What to upgrade now, what to add later

Picture your dream home. 

Now picture your budget. 

Do the two align? For a lucky few, the answer is yes! For others, getting your new home to be just right might happen in a few phases. 

Besides, there are a lot – we’re talking hundreds – of decisions to make as you embark on the journey of homebuilding.  And timing, budget, product availability, and changing family needs can force a decision or two that might have you itching for a change sooner or later. 

We talked to the home building pros at Saussy Burbank to find what investments in your new home to make upfront, and what you can tweak over time. 

Get this right while building:

Your Kitchen 

A full kitchen reno isn’t a project that can be tackled by the average joe. You will have to work with electricity, gas, and water lines. Don’t forget about regulations and permits that are required, and the upheaval to your family’s life during renovation.

From a price perspective, choosing the right countertops and cabinets is important, as they’re both hard and costly to change. These two things are the bulk of the kitchen, and take the most time to order and replace. 

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and remodeling it is a huge project. It’s one of the largest renovation expenses one can take on, and it’s rarely a quick job. Pay special attention to creating a kitchen of your dreams from the get-go to save yourself time, money, and frustration later on. 

Not sure what your perfect kitchen looks like? Don’t worry – our team is here to help you every step of the way. 

The Bathrooms

Similar to the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom can be a major inconvenience. Bathrooms require an advanced level of planning and cannot be reorganized easily. Plus, making upgrades to the bathroom can also be pricey and reliant on plumbing infrastructure. 

Lighting and accessibility to outlets are very important, too, and changing the placement can affect the entire room. While some parts of the bathroom can be swapped with relative ease, it is difficult to change the actual layout of the space. 

Work with your Saussy Burbank builder to get the bathrooms in your new Charleston home 100% right for your family.


Swapping a room or two from carpet to hardwoods isn’t difficult… in theory. In fact, the work can be completed fairly quickly. But it means removing EVERYTHING from the rooms while the process happens.  

Save your family time and stress by upgrading high-traffic rooms to more durable flooring during build out. Many of our homes come standard with vinyl in the kitchens and bathrooms, carpet in the bedrooms and living space, and LVP in the foyer. 

If you know these options won’t work long term, talk to your Saussy Burbank sales agent about an upgrade.

Sweat these details later: 


While Saussy Burbank is happy to paint all interior rooms to your liking, we know styles change. Maybe you want to add an accent wall after living in your new home for a few months. Or that bright blue you chose for your bedroom? Not working with your favorite bedding. 

Luckily, paint can be changed as often as your opinion does. So, don’t stress yourself out by thinking you have to stick with the original color you built with. 

Hardware and Accessories 

What makes your home unique comes down to the details. If you’re looking to add your own flare to a room or want to make some minor adjustments, a full renovation may not be necessary. Hardware like locks, latches, and handles can be swapped at any time and are a quick way to enhance your home, add character, and freshen a space in an instant.


Feeling disappointed in the way that chandelier hangs in your dining room? Sometimes, details look great on paper but just don’t work in a space. Luckily, lighting is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a home over time.

Especially if your budget is growing tight. Stick with simple, classic lines for build out and upgrade to statement lighting over time. Important note: If you’re considering adding ceiling fans later on, let your Saussy Burbank agent know. We’ll add bracing so that the switch is a breeze.

Perplexed? Our talented Charleston builder and sales teams are here to help. Let’s get started.

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