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Homeowner’s Suite: Creating a Sanctuary All Your Own

At the end of the day, nothing is better than retreating to your room to relax, unwind and reflect. It’s a space that’s just for you, so make sure it is your sanctuary!

When you start to think about how to make your homeowner’s suite in your new Saussy Burbank home the perfect place to wind down, first consider your senses.

When you walk into any room, the first sense you use is your sight—mainly observing the color of the walls and the décor. When designing your space, be sure to pick colors that will best suit the atmosphere you want to create. Some people like soothing tans and grays while others may prefer brighter, bolder choices. These colors can be reflected not only on the walls, but in bedding, accent pieces and floor coverings. When making design selections with your Saussy Burbank sales agent, try to set the tone for your room with paint and flooring selections. Crown moulding and other decorative trim – like board & batten or shiplap – will also go a long way in setting the right mood in your suite.

Décor can be a great way to personalize your space and make it unique. You may prefer just a few striking pieces that really speak to you, or you may want to be surrounded by several adornments that you like. No matter which  decorations you choose, keeping them all in the same color family will help pull the room together. And don’t forget about lighting— with your Saussy Burbank team, you’ll be able to select from an array of overhead lighting and ceiling fan styles. Balance those out with a bedside lamp that fits your style and provides a soft light that will prepare you for sleep.

Most of your time in your room will  be spent in bed. Therefore, make sure you truly enjoy the feel of your textiles and accent pieces! Choose a mattress that is comfortable for your personal sleeping needs and sheets that are soft. Top it off with a blanket, quilt or comforter that matches the room’s color scheme. Finish the look by adding throw pillows to introduce  extra pops of color and additional comfort for when you’re cozied up reading a book or watching TV.

Many homeowners suites in Saussy Burbank homes also include a seating area. Think about how you want to use that space and design around that activity. For instance, if you’re going to spend time working or reading, a side table with storage space and a lamp might be a good choice. This bonus space is a great area to set up an at-home office. Ask about built-in options with your Saussy team.

When it comes to the sense of sound, consider music you want to listen to while you’re in your room. Wiring a speaker system into the walls can bring your favorite sounds into the bedroom and is an upgrade available in most of Saussy Burbank’s new construction homes.

Window and floor coverings are some of the most important design elements in a room, and there are vast options for each! After you’ve chosen your window-trim treatment, think about how you’ll hang curtains or blinds. Tall and wide or tucked into the window frame? Room-darkening curtains can help you sleep longer in the morning, while sheers will let in beautiful, filtered light and plantation shutters will give a crisp, clean look to your windows. For the floor, tile or hardwood is  a great base upon which you can build with throw rugs or area rugs, or settle on a wall-to-wall carpet that’s soft underfoot.

Your bathroom and closet are a key part of your homeowner’s suite, so don’t ignore them! Carrying the color palette and design of your bedroom into the bathroom is a great way to continue the overall feeling throughout the entire suite. Then consider how you’ll use this space. Will a large, fully-tiled shower do the trick? Or will you find yourself longing for a hot bath now and again? The good news is many Saussy Burbank homes in Kiawah River and Nexton allow you to have both!

The homeowners’ suite of your dreams is waiting for you in your next Saussy Burbank home. Learn more about our high-quality craftsmanship in top cities like Charleston, SC then schedule a tour.

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