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Move to Charleston, Named #1 City in the USA by Travel & Leisure 9 years running

Will it reach a perfect 10? 

Nine years ago, when Charleston first landed the top spot on Travel & Leisure’s Best Cities to Visit in the USA, we were proud. Eight years ago, still brushing our shoulders off. Seven, six, and five years ago? Maybe a little gloating. And now, we’re still proud but not at all surprised. Because the truth is…Charleston IS the best city in the USA!

Tourists flock to the Holy City for the food, the beaches, and the rich and enduring history. And many, it turns out, find the draw of a southern drawl too strong to resist and end up making it home. For good. At Saussy Burbank, we’re often among the first people a new family chats with as they decide to make the Lowcountry home. We get a lot of questions about weather (hot, sometimes wet, mild winters, worth it in every way), educational opportunities, activities around town, and inquiries about day-to-day living in the Charleston region. But more often than not, it’s not if they’ll move here, but when? 

And to that we say…now! We have homes available in both Nexton and Kiawah River, two highly celebrated communities that encompass different aspects of Charleston living. Nexton is a nationally acclaimed and best selling community in Summerville that has emerged as one of the region’s favorite places to live, work, and hang out. On the other end (lifestyle and location-wise), Kiawah River is a quiet, riverside village connected to nature through the incredible natural landscape and the farmland that surrounds it. Together, they capture the best of Charleston living and allow us to serve a variety of home buyers.

We invite you to explore them both online, and then come have a chat. We’d love to give you an insiders look at what it’s really like to live in the Charleston region, and help you find a home perfect for your family and lifestyle. And make it soon – you’ll want to be here when we celebrate 10 years as #1!

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