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New Construction Building and Design Trends for 2021

We all welcomed 2021 with open arms, ready for a fresh start. Many of us are working from home, have children in virtual school at home or welcomed older family members into our households. Our homes  are serving more purposes than ever!

As we settled into life during a pandemic, staying at home more found us redecorating, reorganizing and realizing new ways to make our homes work better for our families and a new way of life. Building and design trends will continue to support these ventures in coming months, particular with new construction, with an eye toward multi-use spaces, family entertainment, and functional accents.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the new home design highlights of what you’ll see in 2021:

Cook-at-home kitchens
Whether steak and potatoes are your staples or you’re a foodie at heart, we have all been cooking more at home. For lots of us, that also means kids, spouses and others being in the kitchen—perhaps all at the same time. While spacious kitchens have long been an ideal, they now become more about providing space for extra cooks and room for culinary spreads. Storage space for small appliances, islands for serving, large refrigerators for recipe and meal-prep ingredients and efficient dishwashers with space for home-cooking supplies will all be on 2021 wish lists. New homes will also include functional add-ons, like built-in organizers, large pantries and prep sinks.

Multiple living spaces

Is the open-concept living space a thing of the past? Not quite, but we are seeing a desire for more private, individual spaces in our new homes community in Summerville, SC. A great way for everyone to get their own time is by creating more than one living space in the home. We’ll see large primary living rooms, smaller lounge areas and homey den spaces; many of these areas can also serve dual purposes as office or school space for stay-at-home family members. These multi-functional spaces make any square footage you have go further! With a new Saussy Burbank home here in Summerville, SC, your work-from-home life is more efficient and more convenient.

Customizable FROGs  

Sometimes, adding extra square footage in the home for more living space isn’t an option. And sometimes, physical distance plays an important role in the function of a space. Many home buyers are opting for extra living spaces slightly removed from the primary house, like FROGs (aka Finished Rooms Over a Garage). We see buyers in Nexton use them as offices, guest rooms, gyms, music or art studios, or even ADUs. Ours are as fully-customizable as a home, with windows, specialized lighting, kitchenettes and bathrooms, and even porches.

Outdoor entertainment

Kids and adults alike enjoy time outside, and 2021 will see a focus on making these spaces fun, entertaining, and relaxing.  Large covered porches can hold secondary kitchens, television and stereo equipment and comfortable furniture—it’s like a family room outside the house! Built-in fire pits create a perfect way to end an evening and extend usability of outdoor space into colder-weather months. With so much time being spent at home right now, thinking of the outdoors of an extension of your new Charleston, SC home lets you maximize your space.

Top-to-bottom sustainability

Recent years have seen increased importance placed on not only energy-efficient appliances, windows and doors, but also on recycled building materials, water conservation, and utilizing renewable energy. New home buyers in 2021 will continue to want healthier homes that have a low impact on the environment.

Saussy Burbank’s innovative approach to home design means your home will be distinctive, stylish and built with the greatest of craftsmanship. Contact us today to talk find your new home in the Charleston, SC region!

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