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Simple Ways to Create a Cozier Media Room

Admit it—like the rest of us, you’ve binge-watched your way through the pandemic. Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO Max, Disney+ and dozens of others have kept us all entertained, distracted and coming back for more. 

Whether the space where you watch TV is large or small, in a newly-built custom home by Saussy Burbank in Nexton, or your first apartment in downtown Charleston, it should be comfortable space where you can relax and unwind.  

Simply taking a look at the room and thinking about how it makes you feel can get the ball rolling on where to make changes. Stand in the doorway, look around, think about the tips below and see what happens. 

  • The room – If you’re lucky enough to be building a new home in the Charleston area this year, attention to detail in your den, family room, or media room is key. Consider upgrades like built-in surround sound and high-speed, mesh Wifi from Home Telecom. Include light-blocking blinds in all the windows or even upgrade to shutters. Talk to your builder team about dimmable lighting, TV-framing wall treatments (we love shiplap for this!), and more. In many of our communities, the sky’s the limit…and we love brainstorming creative ways to make your home work perfectly for your family.
  • The seating – The first rule of a cozy TV space is that the furniture has to be comfortable. Does your couch make you want to curl up and disappear into the 10th episode of your favorite show? Do you have enough seating for others? Big floor pillows, deep side chairs and even modern beanbags can do the dual job of space for your friends and unique decor. 
  • The walls – Does the color on your walls make you feel relaxed or does it stress you out? Different colors speak to different people, so think about what would work for you. Many people want a neutral wall color and then build color in the room with accents like art and pillows. Others prefer for one wall (maybe the one the TV is on) to be something bright and fun. If you live in a space where the walls can’t be changed, there is always the option to use peel-and-stick decals, wall hangings, artwork, mirrors or shelving to create a different look. 
  • The floor – The look and feel of a room can change in an instant with a new area rug. It also provides a nice, soft, warm space for your feet when you get up to go get (another) snack. Once you’ve got your wall and furniture colors figured out, start looking for area rugs that work with them. And don’t forget to consider different sizes of rugs that will work with your room’s layout. 
  • Tables – Every TV room needs a place for the remote, your snacks and sometimes your feet. An ottoman, coffee table or side table is a key part of your setup—there’s nothing cozy about holding everything in your lap or risking spilling something on your furniture or floor. There are endless options for accent tables, so do some searching and see what suits your style and the function you need in your room. For example, some ottomans are large enough to be coffee tables and create a softer look. And some coffee tables offer extra storage that might be an added benefit for you. 
  • Blankets and pillows – Nothing is cozier than wrapping up in a soft, warm blanket, and it is one of the quickest, most inexpensive things you can add to your room. It also serves as décor, so match the style and color of your blankets and pillows to the other accents in the room—and to each other. 
  • Accents and décor – Think of this as the jewelry you put on after you’ve gotten dressed. Things like candles, plants, photos and knick-knacks placed in the room not only soften things up, but also show your personality and make your room feel personal. This is your space to relax, so surround yourself with things that make you feel happy! 

When you build a new home with Saussy Burbank in the Charleston region, like in Nexton or Kiawah River, we guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and lovable, livable homes. Reach out to our builder teams to build a new Summerville or James Island home for your family.

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