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Sized Right: Just-big-enough homes gaining popularity

Thanks to recent trends in the building and real estate industries, we’re seeing a brand new meaning to the phrase, “less is more”—and in this case, we’re talking square footage.

As 2020 potential buyers are ramping up their home searches, there seems to be a constant trend that spans states, generations, and family structures, suggesting homes sized according to the buyers’ actual needs are more appealing than homes with excessive space. While larger homes aren’t out entirely, extra rooms, and unnecessarily large living spaces aren’t rising to the top of many modern wishlists.

Smaller homes are big in 2020

According to industry analysts and trend forecasters, “smaller homes are very much in demand,” thanks to “an increased emphasis on efficiency.” Additionally, one custom home builder notes, “buyers today are apt to see that front room off the entryway that never gets used as more of a detractor than a benefit. Right-sized homes have been trending upward for a few years now. Families are becoming increasingly aware of the wasted square footage in their home.”

Benefits of purchasing a smaller home:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Less Maintenance/ Upkeep/ Cleaning Required
  • More cost-effective (at time of purchase and regarding utilities such as heat)
  • Less Wasted Space

While these are all of the hard and fast facts we know about purchasing and maintaining a smaller home, there is empirical evidence to suggest that smaller homes also help people to “buy less stuff”, enjoy the outdoors more frequently or the indoors with loved ones, and even allow an easier resell. According to some experts, smaller homes sell faster than larger homes simply due to affordability.

Lowcountry living in The Cottages at Nexton

At Saussy Burbank, we know a good thing when we see it—and we’ve planned our Cottages at Nexton to reflect our Charleston home buyers’ needs. With ample space for everything you want… and zero wasted space you don’t… our flexible floorplans are sized to perfection.

But don’t think for a second that “smaller” means “lacking” in any way. Ideally situated in Summerville’s quickly growing area of top-rated medical facilities, five star eateries, and a booming business community, The Cottages at Nexton are the definition of ‘location, location, location!’ Vibrant neighborhoods, parks and amenities? We have those, too!

With homes that are constructed with quality materials we stand by—and the attention to EVERY detail you deserve—we can’t wait to show you how The Cottages could be the one-size-fits-all dream home you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to schedule a showing or explore the collection here!

Saussy Burbank

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