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Townhomes in Charlotte NC: What to Look for

Did you know that townhomes are the second top choice for real estate behind detached single-family homes? That’s according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Their popularity means there are plenty of options to consider. This article helps you narrow your options if you’re looking at townhomes in Charlotte, NC.

What Appeals about Townhomes

Townhomes appeal to first-time homebuyers, those looking for a second home, or people interested in downsizing. The sales process is the same as buying a single-family home or condominium. But, with a townhome, you can often get the best of both those options.

Townhomes come in a variety of sizes, structures, and sizes. Typically, they are multi-level residences. Plus, they’ll be attached to another residence or two. You may be able to get a small yard or patio. There could also be a garage.

Counter to a condo, you’ll be responsible for the care and maintenance of all interior and exterior areas. Yet the advantage is that you’ll usually have less space to care for around a townhome than you would at a suburban family home.

You may need to pay a fee to have someone else take care of common areas. Maybe your townhome neighborhood has a garden or a pool, or trash pickup is handled centrally. The Home Owner’s Association (HOA) may also place restrictions on what you can do to the exterior of your townhome.

Choosing a Townhome in Charlotte NC

There are several benefits to selecting a townhome in Charlotte NC. Since a townhome is primo real estate, you can’t be too surprised when we tell you the first factor is location.

Townhomes are often available in prime locations. The reason? More homes can be built in a smaller footprint since townhomes are attached. This lets the home builder do more with an expensive plot of land.

So, a big benefit of buying a Charlotte townhome is in finding one that is centrally located. You can find townhome communities just outside of Uptown that shortens the commute and offer a great view too. Our sold-out Bryant Towns residences in Charlotte’s eclectic FreeMoreWest neighborhood give you skyline views of Uptown Charlotte and Bank of America Stadium.

Look also for outside areas you can enjoy. Your townhome may offer space for a container garden on a patio or porch of your own. Our three-story townhomes in NoDa have balconies and optional exposed brick inside too.

Tour any townhomes that appeal to you. You want to get a sense of the layout. Usually, there are both front and back doors directly out of your townhome. However, there could be a backdoor to a shared hallway or underground parking.

You also need to see firsthand how you feel about the stairs in your townhome. You could have three or even four stories. So check the layout of the home to be sure it suits your needs. Our move-in ready luxury townhome residences in South Park feature private elevators. Plus, they boast private two-car garages and a covered paver patio and porch.

A big reason to buy a townhome in Charlotte NC is that you can afford a place of your own right in the heart of the city. Take a tour around the neighborhood to see what restaurants, bars, and other entertainments are nearby. Maybe your family wants to be able to walk to one of Charlotte’s farmer’s markets. Walking your prospective neighborhood at different times of day can also help you get a sense of who lives around you and what the community feels like.


A townhome can be a good spot to work from home too. Still, just as you would when buying a detached home, consider also what you like to do in your free time. If you’re a runner, you want to be near running trails. The Hillside Towns Saussy Burbank community is an easy jog to Freedom Park and several greenways. If you’re a young singleton with a love for craft brews, it’s not too difficult to find a Charlotte townhome near a local brewery.

Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC ranks number 28 on the National Association of Realtors’ Hot Market Spotlight. Inventory is moving 15.5 days faster than the US overall in October 2020, and 21% faster than last year. This can be a good thing — builders are putting up new offerings to meet the demand. But it means you’ve got more competition to buy a townhome in Charlotte, NC. Our sales agents can help you find the right fit.

Saussy Burbank has built custom forever homes in several top neighborhoods including NoDa, Myers Park, and South Park. Contact us today for a virtual tour!

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