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Embracing Hygge: Creating Cozy Spaces in Your Carolina Home this Fall

Denmark consistently ranks high on lists of the world’s happiest populations. Perhaps the concept of Hygge has something to do with it. We can embrace this lifestyle approach here in the south too. This article focuses on creating cozy spaces for your Carolina home as the weather (finally) cools off.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish term introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” Hygge focuses on creating a sense of remove from the outside world. When you embrace Hygge in home design, you set up relaxing spaces where you can destress either alone or with close friends.

Hygge doesn’t only happen in the colder months. You might set up a picnic space to soak in the sun and enjoy a good book during the summer. But as the weather at last looks to be cooling down in the Carolinas, we thought we’d share some suggestions for incorporating Hygge home design.

Bringing Hygge home

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of cocoa, under a blanket, on your couch streaming a feel-good movie during a rainstorm, you’ve probably felt Hygge. But you don’t need bad weather to accomplish the coziness and warmth associated with this lifestyle approach. Adding these elements to your Carolina home can help you unwind in a warm, welcoming space.

Get your fireplace going

A real wood fire is preferred for its naturalness, but a gas fire can also help you feel more relaxed. Before starting your fire for the season be sure to first:

  • Have your yearly inspection
  • Inspect your chimney cap and damper
  • Clear clutter from around the hearth
  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries

Add some candles

If you don’t have a fireplace, add candles around your home. The people of Denmark call candles “levende lys,” which translates to living lights. They burn an estimated 13 pounds of candle wax each year as they often prefer the warmth of candlelight to the brightness of overhead lights.

Southern Living offers a list of the best fall candles of 2023 including pumpkin, coffee, cinnamon cider, cashmere, and hayride scents.

Bring on the books

Many of us today use e-readers, but physical books continue to add a sense of comfort. Install book shelves or put a basket of books in your cozy setup. You might want to ensure you have some of these anticipated Fall 2023 titles on hand:

  • The Fraud, Zadie Smith
  • Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier, Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey
  • The Vaster Wilds, Lauren Groff
  • Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of the New Tycoon, Michael Lewis

Incorporate natural elements

Bringing the outside into your interior can be soothing. This might mean adding balsam fir candles or putting out an arrangement of leaves, nuts, and twigs. On a larger scale, you could select wooden furniture, build a wood accent wall, or leave hardwood floors bare of rugs to better enjoy the natural look.

Other ways to bring nature into your home? You might add a water feature, bring in more plants, or install stone elements.

Build a special nook

Dedicate a space in your home to a comfortable nook. Consciously design and decorate this area to give you a feeling of peace and to shelter you from the rest of the house. Called a hyggekrog in Denmark, a space like this invites you to take a break from the stress of your daily life.

Maybe it’s a windowsill or corner of your master bedroom, but you’ll want to build the comfort with cozy cushions and blankets (and probably candles too). A weighted blanket is a great idea for these spaces as they are intended to reduce stress and promote calm.

Embrace emotional value

Adding photographs and other objects that have sentimental value can provide comfort in your home. You might also put furniture you’ve inherited or styles that remind you of the furniture you grew up with in your home to give you a sense of continuity and connection with your past.

Preferring handmade works or items that you connect with instead of a mass-produced sofa can also help create a more Hygge atmosphere.

Things to avoid if you want a Hygge high

Hygge runs counter to a lot of what we do today. As Country Living points out, to make Hygge work in your home you’ll want to:

  • Avoid looking at your phone all day
  • Following strict rules about how to live or design your home
  • Focusing on what’s on trend
  • Isolating yourself from friends and family (sure, you’ve made the space cozy enough that you may want to, but you’re meant to invite your close circle in with you to connect)

Comfort in your Carolina home

When you want your home to feel more comfortable, warm, and welcoming, the Hygge approach can help. You can also feel better about your Carolina home when you live in one custom crafted by Saussy Burbank. Learn more about our available properties in and around Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Charlotte.

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