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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

With the wacky weather we’re seeing across the country, it’s easier to miss the change in the seasons. Still, even if it doesn’t yet feel like Fall where you are, September has arrived and your fall home maintenance checklist comes along with it.

Saussy Burbank doesn’t like adding to your “honey-do” list, but taking consistent care of your home helps you keep your house in tiptop shape. You’ve found your forever home, after all. You don’t want to risk damage that could lead to costly repairs. Especially not if it starts with something you can catch and fix early on using our fall home maintenance checklist.

Seal any leaks

It’s time to get walking and caulking! Take a tour around the outside of your home looking for any cracks between the trim and siding. Check also around your window and door frames. Seal up the spots where pipes and wires enter the house. All this can help you minimize moisture damage. Plus, you’ll save on energy bills too.

Survey your roof

While you’re on a walkabout, take a look at the condition of your roof as well. Yes, we had you doing in other seasons too. But, you never know when a thunderstorm or fallen tree or pesky rodent is going to damage the roof. Look out for:

  • Buckled, cracked, missing shingles
  • Rust spots on flashing
  • Masses of moss or lichen

Another way to get a good look at the roof? Take a gander while you’re up there cleaning out your gutters to remove leaves or twigs that could cause blockages.

Protect your foundation

While you’re outside getting work done, take a look at your drains. Make sure that gutter drains are pointed away from the foundation. A downspout extension is very affordable and easy to add on, and it’s worth it to protect your foundation from moisture.

Weed anything sitting right up against your foundation and also prune back plants and tree limbs to avoid damage to your exterior during winter storms.

Aerate & Fertilize

About three weeks before your last lawn mow of the year put down your fall fertilizer to keep your grass looking great. According to Family Handyman, “Fertilizing in the fall provides energy and nutrients for the grassroots as they multiply in cooler weather before the grass goes dormant. The roots store food for the winter as well, which gives the grass an initial growth spurt when it emerges from dormancy in the spring.” All that in those little green blades!

Aerating is another task to do more than once a year, but Fall is a key time to get this done. Rent a lawn aerator to make sure you’re not just putting holes in the ground but actually pulling out plugs of soil to help give roots room to thrive.

Stow your lawnmower

Teenagers rejoice! The lawnmower is going in the garage or shed. Before stowing the mower and leaving it until next spring, first put it on its side to clean away any accumulated grass or other gunk. Also, if you’re using a gas mower, you should look into using a fuel destabilizer in the tank to avoid the gas in the tank deteriorating (which can damage internal engine parts).

Disconnect your hoses

Any garden hoses attached to outdoor faucets should be disconnected before the first cold snap of the season. That makes this one a priority — you don’t want to get caught off guard.

Why detach the hoses? Any water in the hoses could back up into the faucet or pipes and freeze, expand, and crack the faucet or pipes.

Similarly, if you have a sprinkler system, you’ll want to drain it before the cold sets in as the irrigation lines could freeze, That could cause pipes to freeze or sprinkler heads to crack, which will be costly come spring.

Check your furnace & fireplace

Moving inside, pay attention to the things that are going to be keeping you warm when the cold weather comes. You know heating season is coming, so get on your HVAC company’s check-up schedule now. On your own, you should already be changing your furnace filters every quarter, but here’s your fall home maintenance checklist reminder to do that too.

Look into the fireplace to see if there are any blockages. Check for cracked fireboxes or missing bricks or mortar. If you haven’t had your chimney professionally cleaned recently, it’s a good idea to do so. Cleaning takes care of creosote and soot buildup in the chimney which can ignite and cause fires (and not the kind you enjoy with a glass of wine from your sofa).

Clean your humidifiers

You’re going to be using humidifiers more in the heating season, so get them cleaned up and ready to go. You don’t want mold spores or other bacteria being pushed out into the air indoors.

Check the attic

Up to the attic you go, if you have one, to check that insulation isn’t covering any of the vents. Also, look for evidence that any birds or rodents have gotten in since you were last up here. Seal any gaps that critters might use to take advantage of the coziness of your home in the coming months.

Now if you want to create a welcoming home for your pets, that’s another story. Check out Creating an Inviting Home for Your Furry Family Members.

Home maintenance is only part of having a home you can be proud of year-round. Partner with Saussy Burbank to enjoy high-quality craftsmanship in modern homes throughout the Carolinas.


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