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Creating An Inviting Home for Your Furry Family in Charleston

The love and companionship of a pet is one of the greatest joys in  life. It is unconditional, comforting and a lot of fun. Your pets are part of the family, and where you live is not only home to you—it’s home to them!

You work hard to make each room of your house comfortable and functional for the humans, but have you thought about the felines or canines who live there too?

Get On Their Level

The first thing to consider is safety. We all know about baby-proofing a house, but pet-proofing is also important. Take a walk through each room of your house and observe at pet-level for safety hazards, including exposed wiring, medication storage, long window blind cords and open windows (they can easily fall through a screen!).

Also be cautious of  things that could  tempt them to get in trouble, like trash cans without lids they could stick their head  into, potted plants they could tip over, and food stored where they can reach it. Watch for plants and foods that are poisonous to pets! Aloe, jade, philodendron and amaryllis are common décor in homes but are toxic to dogs and cats. In the kitchen, apple seeds, grapes, coffee and chocolate are also no-no’s for your four-legged family members. So, be sure to store these items in a place that’s not easily accessible to them in your Charleston home.

Carve Out Their Space

Much like humans, pets like to have spaces to call their own. You know your pet better than anyone—what makes them comfortable? If they like to cuddle with you, consider  a special blanket on the couch or your bed that is all theirs. If they get overwhelmed by noise or activity, a pet bed in a tucked-away corner would be better and make them feel safe. Pet beds come in a huge array of sizes, patterns and colors, so you can still match them to your décor. Some of Saussy Burbank floor plans even allow you to carve out a special pet-nook just for Fido or Spot.

Feeding time is also something to consider. Your pet most likely wants some peace and quiet at mealtime, so set aside a designated  space for their food and water bowls that isn’t in a main thoroughfare in your home. Ask your Saussy Burbank builder about options for built-in food and water dishes. Some can even be slid into cabinets to they’re out of sight when not in use.

If you have a cat, you probably keep the litter box out of sight and smelling range, but make sure that it is also in a place that your pet can access safely and comfortably.

Outdoors Is Their Domain, Too

Don’t forget to check your yard in the same way as your interior! If you have a dog that likes to dig or jump,  ensure the fence meets their needs – and fences are almost always an option you can add onto your Saussy Burbank home in the Charleston region. Many pets also like to have a space for themselves outside, whether it’s their own small house or a raised, shaded bed that allows them to stay cool.

Set Them Up for Success

It’s frustrating when pets create messes or damage your possessions. Thinking ahead and taking away possibilities for disaster  will go a long way in the happiness of your pet—and yourself!

Put a washable throw rug inside the main door your pet uses, so you can easily wipe excess dirt or mud off their feet as they come in. Clip dogs’ nails regularly, so they don’t scratch your furniture or your floors. Get a scratching post for your cat, so they don’t use your couch as one. Brush your pet often to keep shedding hair to a minimum. Take preventative measures and have cleaners that are safe for your furniture in the case of a mess.

When making finish selections in your new Summerville or Kiawah River home, choose a hardwood color that’s most likely to camouflage those inevitable tufts of hair. Add treads or carpet to your stairs to prevent pets from slipping and sliding – therefore reducing scratches. Even paint colors and carpet choices can go a long way in creating harmony between four- and two- legged members of your household!

Spending just a little bit of time inside and outside your house thinking like your pet can ensure  you and your pets will live a happy and minimally stressful life together. Find the home of your dreams for you and your pets in Charleston, SC with Saussy Burbank. Learn more today about our high-quality homes.

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