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Home Trends 2022: Planning your Contemporary Backyard or Patio Space

The summer months are a time to explore new places and visit family and friends. Yet you’ll still be home some of the time. You may want to enjoy a fresh look for your patio or backyard space. To help, we’ve collected the top home trends in 2022 specific to outdoor environments.

In the wake of the pandemic we’ve come to recognize the important role our environment plays in our personal wellbeing. Eco-conscious designer Amanda Thompson told HGTV, “We now realize and better understand how our environments influence our health, productivity, and overall mental state.”

Our outdoor spaces have also taken on greater importance in the wake of being sheltered at home for so long and perhaps still working from home. So, as you look around your backyard or patio with an eye to refresh or renovate, consider the following top home trends for 2022.


#1 Minimalistic Design

We’re seeing this in interior home trends for 2022 as well, but outdoor minimalism translates to simple, clean lines and a focus on a calming space. Furniture with thin metal railings or lighter wood finishes enables you to be able to put the focus on the ferns and other foliage.

It’s a natural extension of the enthusiasm for Marie Kondo. Thinking about it as opting for quality and selecting what you put out in your backyard with intention. By decluttering with a minimalist approach you’re better able to appreciate the outdoors and destress in your beautiful environment.


#2 Natural Outdoor Decor

In selecting minimalist patio furniture look for natural or natural-looking materials. Think wood, wicker, rattan, macrame, and cane furniture.

House Beautiful tells us that mesh accents are back. “Metal cutouts and finely woven rattan add texture to sleek silhouettes, giving this retro design element a modern feel,” Brynna Lee, Wayfair’s Professional Stylist told the magazine. She recommends “furniture with perforated patterns, muted colors, rope and rattan, open weaves, and sculptural silhouettes.”


#3 Add a Pop of Color

You don’t have to go all neutral hues though. The patios of 2022 can be brightened up with bold pillows or outdoor rugs.

Or go the pastel route. Living Spaces Designer Britney Wilson suggests adding throw pillows or a couple of floral-patterned accent chairs to complement your natural look. “A pop of color into a backyard space can create a joyous and happy environment for relaxing,” she says.


#4 Create Cozy Spaces

Bring the cozy private feel of indoor rooms to the outdoors by arranging furniture in a shaded space with space differentiation. This might mean using a green wall, special lighting (see below), a water feature, or outdoor drapes.

Make the space comfortable, but make sure that you are picking furniture and accessories that will withstand the weather.


#5 Level Up your Outdoor Entertaining

The old charcoal grill may do the job just fine (and add flavor!). However, with people embracing outdoor entertaining more in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a move to more elaborate cooking outside.

Outdoor kitchens, expanded grills with cooktops, wood-fired pizza ovens, and bar spaces are all gaining in popularity. Living Spaces Designer Satsha Lopez-Jaimes notes, “Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have indoor luxury, so bring in storage through shelving and cabinets…For added warmth, centralize the hub with a fire pit dining table.”


#6 Cue the Lights!

Or at the very least hang up some deck lighting. You might use strip lights to illuminate a walkway or deck railing. Another popular choice is to hang a string of bistro lights across the yard, along a fence, or on your pergola.

In rounding out the top 10 outdoor lighting trends, the Perfect Light also suggests using soft lights to “highlight small specific ornamental features without contributing too much to light pollution.”

You might also add extra magic to your backyard oasis with fairy lights (white or colored) by decorating a tree trunk or bush.


#7 Bring your Tech Outside

If you’re living in a smart home already, it only makes sense to extend the reach of your tech to your patio environment. You might add an HDTV outside to host a movie night. Adding a WiFi booster can help ensure there are no issues in the midst of that essential scene.

Outdoor speakers let you pipe in your tunes from your personal playlists. You might even add smart lighting that you can use to change hues or intensity as you set the mood for the evening.


#8 Take up Vertical Gardening

Cultivating your own produce and herbs is one way to get around the ongoing supply chain issues. Or you can simply try your green thumb on some wildflowers. Either can add another natural element to your outdoor living space.

A vertical garden wall can be the outside’s equivalent of an accent wall. Plus, going vertical even works if you’re living in a townhome or only have a smaller patio space. Depending on your creativity level, you might even want to try the Living Picture Vertical Garden where you frame annuals to create a live artwork.

Whatever you decide to do with these exterior home design trends, you’ll know you’re in good hands with Saussy Burbank’s high-quality craftsmanship as the foundation for your new home. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings in Charlotte, NC, Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC.

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