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Home Trends 2022: Updating your New Home Interior

A new home is like a blank slate for design. You have all those empty rooms to furnish and decorate. Even when bringing in your old belongings, you can’t help but want to take a fresh approach. Knowing the top home trends for 2022 according to designers can help you make a unique statement with your new home interior.

The following seven trends are gleaned from roundups from designers both here in the South and nationwide. Obviously, you won’t want to incorporate all of these at once, but picking one or two that speak to you can help you add flair to your new home interior.

#1 Do away with gray

Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of Miretta Interiors in Raleigh, North Carolina tell Southern Living they’re seeing a gray backlash. “People are overseeing interiors marked by light gray, dark gray, and more gray around every corner!” The alternative?

“Rich chocolate browns and lighter camel colors,” the designers advise.

Vogue’s surveyed designers concurred although that magazine predicts the “rise of the enveloping, earthy color of brown.” Not just on walls either, which leads to our next trend.

#2 Embrace nature-inspired surfaces, accents

Maybe it’s a response to the pandemic and having to spend so much time inside, but we’re seeing more nature-inspired interior design in 2022. This can include brown fabric or leather furnishings. Or accent tables made of natural wood.

Athena Calderone tells Vogue, “think stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine being used across the board from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and decorative objects. The raw, porous, imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth, soul, and visual intrigue while also mimicking the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors.”

#3 Collect curves

As part of the desire to make home cozier and bring the outside in, expect to see more furniture shaped with soft curves.

“A curved form is subconsciously read as safe, friendly, and welcoming. With everyone feeling a bit precious I think those softer shapes and angles will still be a big trend in 2022 in furniture as well as architecture,” designer Sarah Sherman Samuel told Vogue.

That mushroom-inspired accent table or the curve of your new couch is part of the trend to regain “our connection to the natural world through the use of biophilic design principles.” HGTV expects “an emphasis on creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants and creating a visual connection with nature.”

#4 Combine colors and prints

You might also join others moving in the direction of colors and prints. Vogue suggests “the all-white minimalism that may look crisp, yet provides little visual comfort” has seen its moment. Meanwhile, HGTV’s roundup also predicted more vibrancy.

“I see people embracing fun colors and unique prints in their everyday furniture,” said Mimi Meacham of Marian Louise Designs. “Utilizing colorful printed fabrics, custom upholstered sofas, chairs, and window treatments will be fun, fierce and another way to bring personality into the space. Walls, doors and millwork will get a colorful facelift with greens, blues, mauves and yellows to uplift and frame the prints.”

Similarly, Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs tells Southern Living, “2022 is going to be a playful year. People want to have more fun at home, and they are willing to use bolder combinations of colors, patterns, and decorative elements than we have seen in years.”

#5 Amp up lower level spaces

The lower level of the home is getting a makeover too. In HGTV’s description of this trend, a designer cautioned these spaces “are not your parents’ basements.” People are getting creative with multi-purpose, lower-level living spaces to “allow for more family fun and safer entertaining with small groups.” This is especially true when you’re in a multi-story townhome.

Even without what was formerly known as the basement level, you can take part in this trend when you create multi-purpose spaces. Amy Leferink from Interior Impressions told HGTV she expects to see more multifunctional spaces. “People are starting to understand that they can live with less,” she says, and becoming “creative with how their spaces can be multifunctional. For example: having your living room be part office. Or office/workout rooms.”

#6 Incorporate antiques, vintage

There are many reasons for this resurgence in interest in vintage items and antiques. The current supply chain issues have made buying new more challenging (assembly may not be required, but patience is). Plus, there is greater interest in sustainability. HGTV points out, repurposing old furniture or vintage items can be budget- and environment-friendly.

Joy Williams also tells Southern Living that defining your home in 2022, “will lean more towards incorporating reworked vintage finds and heritage furnishings into the home, as well as incorporating more custom furniture pieces to make your home uniquely yours.”

#7 Add room for reflection

You’ve heard of a panic room, but both Vogue and Southern Living call for a quiet place where you can unwind and relax. With the continuation of hybrid working, and our increasing bombardment by digital technology, a place to read, draw, or simply “be and reflect” is appealing in 2022.

Whether a meditation room or calm room, this designated space is designed as somewhere to “retreat to process our day and recharge our internal batteries,” says designer Rachel Cannon of Baton Rouge.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have your gadgets in other parts of the home. There’s a lot happening with smart home technology in 2022 too.

Do your design best

All your design inspiration doesn’t have to happen indoors. There are lots of ideas to share about exterior home design too. We’ll cover that in an upcoming blog too.

In the meantime, if you’re still looking for the custom home where you can explore your design aesthetic and these top trends, contact us at Saussy Burbank. We have quality homes available in the Carolinas in Charlotte, NC, around Charleston, SC, and soon at Myrtle Beach too.

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