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Six Advantages of Townhome Living

Deciding where to buy, you’ll be considering location, home size, amenities, features, utility costs, and much more. Yet sometimes the perfect home you’re looking for is actually a townhouse. Townhome living perfectly suits many home buyers; this article shares some of the top reasons why.

#1 Lifestyle Fit

Townhome communities are built with busy professionals, first-time home buyers, and young families in mind. The developers recognize you want to meet your new neighbors and be social, so expect amenities in the community to let you hang out and get to know one another. That could be a dog park, a swimming pool, a gaming room, a gym, or easy access to hiking and running trails.

Saussy Burbank’s own Highland Park townhomes, for example, were built right across from the Johnston YMCA and walkable to NoDa restaurants, entertainment, and the LYNX light rail 36th Street Station. Sorry, they’re already sold out!

#2 Location

Buying a townhome is a good way to get to live in your location of choice without having to break the bank. Developers target desirable neighborhoods and find land where they can create their communities in close proximity to downtown, an entertainment hub, or the hip hangouts.

Our sold-out Bryant Towns residences in Charlotte’s eclectic FreeMoreWest neighborhood gives residents skyline views of Uptown Charlotte and Bank of America Stadium.

#3 Low maintenance

In a townhome, you don’t have to worry about all the lawn mowing, leaf raking, shrubbery maintenance, and other landscaping woes of having a big outdoor area to keep up year-round. While peers with their own home are out repainting the siding or cleaning out gutters on a given weekend, you can be out and about having fun.

Check out the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist and you’ll see how many things you don’t have to worry about with townhome living.

At the same time, you do still have greater control of your home’s interior and exterior than you would in a condo. In condo communities, the HOA decides on upgrades, maintenance, or replacement work (and the cost). With a townhome, you have ownership rights over the interior of the structure and can make your own decisions about the exterior (though you will have some HOA rules to follow).

#4 Cost savings

Townhomes are typically a more attainable housing option. According to Money Crashers, an attached townhome “could cost tens of thousands of dollars less than an equivalently sized single-family unit.”

Yes, you’ll have to pay a Home Owners Association (HOA) fee to take care of the community’s maintenance and amenities. But, these are often lower than you’d find in a condo complex. Plus, you may enjoy lower property taxes than a single-family homeowner.

Having your home attached to the neighbors can also help bring down your utility costs. Plus, when your townhome living is done in a prime location, you may be able to cut your commuting costs dramatically too.

#5 Security gains

In a townhome, you are surrounded by neighbors. This makes it a lot more difficult for someone to do something suspicious without notice. You have a community of people keeping an eye out for one another.

You’ll find townhome communities are often more well lit (again, thank the HOA) than single-family neighborhoods. Some townhome communities also come with security gates for added protection.

#6 Sustainability benefits

If you’re someone who wants to live lean without trying to scale down to tiny home levels, townhome living can appeal to a desire for efficient living. You’ll have the home-owning experience with a more compact footprint. This also helps you save on your carbon emissions from reduced utility needs.

You can also install smart home technology into your townhome to enjoy the advantages of energy-efficient technology that allows you to control everything from climate and lighting to entertainment and security systems – all with the click of a button, no matter where you are.

Finding your townhome living

Of course, townhome living isn’t for everyone. You’ll definitely want to ask about the townhouse rules and regulations and read up on the neighborhood and the community builder to make sure you’re making the best choice. Or read our blog on what to look for among townhomes in Charlotte, NC to learn more.

Saussy Burbank offers quality townhome living in several desirable neighborhoods in the Carolinas. Contact us to find out more today!


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