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Open Shelving Ideas

Open shelving is a desirable design trend new homes are receiving. The airy and timeless look can range in various styles without sacrificing functionality. Our newest model homes in Briar Chapel and Masons Bend showcase open shelving that speak mid-century vibes to farmhouse chic. Questions about open shelves in your next home? We asked our designers from Charlotte, Charleston and Raleigh to weigh in on the hot topic.

Q:  Why choose open shelving for a home?

A: Open shelving makes a room feel larger and more open. You can display some of your favorite things on open shelves. – Michele Upchurch, Raleigh

A: Open shelving offers both function and beauty — allowing a homeowner to display his or her dishes.  I could never have it though because I’m too messy! – Sarah Staton Nash, Charleston

Q: What are the favorite locations for open shelves?

A: My approach as an interior designer is to use open shelves in small ways. A run along a side wall over base cabinets, flanking a range, or a couple of shelves above a butler’s pantry. – Susan Hill, Charlotte

Q: Preference in styles and finishes?

A: I do really like bold brackets that make a statement…oversized and aged brass or black, color depending on the setting! The finish of the shelves depends on the location. If it is in the kitchen, you can either match the cabinet color or go with a reclaimed wood. – Michele

A: I love all approaches to open shelves and don’t particularly have a preference to finish, brackets, or style as long the design of the open shelves is in keeping with the overall aesthetic created for the space. Floating shelves look great in a modern or minimal kitchen in a finish that either matches or coordinates with the cabinets. Brackets can work with any aesthetic depending on the design and finish. In Masons Bend, I designed custom brackets to feel a bit vintage and industrial and paired them with pine boards to support the modern farmhouse aesthetic of the house. – Susan

A: I think floating shelves are the cleanest look and are my favorite. – Sarah

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