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Dozens of Ways to Have Fun Just Outside Your Front Door In Charleston, SC

When most people purchase a home, it’s safe to say they’re usually focused on the interior characteristics and amenities offered. Open living spaces, a particular kitchen design they want, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Let’s face it, the house itself is the main priority for good reason—that’s where you’ll spend a majority of your time, so you should love every inch and corner of it. But take a step back—or rather outside—to consider what’s offered around your home and soon-to-be neighborhood.

Are there walking trails? Parks? How about a community center or dog park? 

Whether you have kids ready to blow off some energy or simply want to enjoy the beautiful Charleston weather all year round, it pays to have outdoor fun not far from where you call home. To give you a little alfresco inspiration, here are 23 ways to have fun just outside your front door of your Nexton home (and we didn’t even include the incredible beaches just a short drive away!)…

In Your Own Backyard or Driveway

You don’t have to go too far to get the fun started. With a few handy resources—and lots of creativity—you can enjoy your own backyard any day of the week.

  1. Stain-Glass Chalk Art
  2. Play Freeze Tag
  3. Have Fun With Hopscotch
  4. Set Up a Slip and Slide (You can use a real slip and slide of DIY with a tarp, water and dish soap!) 
  5. Water Balloon Fights (Weather pending of course!)
  6. Start a Garden With Your Family (Can be outside in the yard or in containers!)
  7. Set Up an Outdoor Movie Theater (And get old boxes to make “cars” out of!)
  8. Go Camping… During the Day or Overnight.
  9. Blow Bubbles Using Different Sized Bubble Wands (Adults have more fun than they expect with this!)
  10. Make a Time Capsule and Bury It!
  11. Find Your Perfect Hammock Location—And Enjoy a Lazy Afternoon In It
  12. Have a Picnic (And don’t worry about crumbs… you’re outside!)

Exploring Your Charleston Neighborhood

When you’re ready to take the excitement just beyond your yard, you may be surprised by how much adventure is waiting just inside your own Lowcountry neighborhood. Here’s how to take full advantage:

  1. Enjoy a Family Bike ride
  2. Visit the Many Lakes to See Turtles, Fish, Frogs, Birds—And Even the Occasional Gator
  3. Catch and Release Fish In the Lakes and Bodies of Water In Your Neighborhood
  4. Go For a Nature Scavenger Hunt
  5. Set Up a Parade and Walk Around Saying ‘Hi!’ To Neighbors From a Distance

Enjoy Community Parks

Finally, don’t forget to visit one of the many family-friendly parks in Nexton. From dog parks to trails and playgrounds to picnic sites, you can spend hours working up a sweat or simply cloud-gazing from the sprawling green grasses. From Brighton Park, with its large lawn, to Long Meadow Park with its cozy hammocks. Make a game of visiting each and every park throughout Nexton, even the pocket parks (like Elbow Park) and the “secret” ones, like Tall Gee Woods.

Excited about everything Saussy Burbank has to offer—both inside and outside of your home? Take a virtual tour of our floor plans and contact us today to make your new home dream a reality.

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