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At Nexton, GigaFi Let’s You Work from Home with No (Internet) Interruptions

No, we haven’t figured out how to prevent your kiddos from wanting a snack every 15 minutes (though our tips for designing a home office might help!), we do know that trouble with internet speeds can be just as frustrating – and productivity-killing.

Thanks to GigaFi, folks at Nexton never have to deal with choppy Zoom meetings, lagging conference calls, or slow-as-molasses downloads and uploads. Supplied by local company Home Telecom, GigaFi is a direct, redundant, ultra-fast, 100% fiber Gigabit-per-second connection. For comparison’s sake, the average home internets speed runs about 10 megabits per second. GigaFi is 100 times faster.

Let’s break it down.

  • 100% fiber. Other companies boast about fiber optic networks. What they fail to mention is that the fiber networks are in the area, but the connections to your home aren’t. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. At Nexton, your connection is fiber optic from the core all the way through to your home.
  • Redundant. That means your home is getting its internet supply from more than once source. If there’s an interruption with one line, you can stay connected.
  • Ultra-fast. How fast is 1 gigabit per second? Download a high res photo in one second, a 30 minute movie in 4 seconds, or a 90 movie HD movie in 34 seconds. With GigaFi, you can do all three at the same time, and then some. Connect with workers via video conferencing while your kids are streaming Sesame Street, your teen is completing online courses, and your spouse is uploading work for an important deadline. No buffering. No lost resolution. No lost work.

There’s more. Nexton is designated a “GigaFi Living Lab” by Home Telecom, meaning homeowners are the first to experience any new technology that becomes available. Nexton was the first to utilize MyWiFi X, a system to connect all the wireless devices in your home using a central, gap-free, fully-connected hub. Combined with 804Mesh, it guarantees flawless wireless connections anywhere in your home. The mesh is just like it sounds…a network of units that work as a router amplifier. Goodbye, WiFi dead zones.

Your new Saussy Burbank home at Nexton comes with these technologies built-in. So no retro-fitting or reconfiguring needed whatsoever. Move-in and connect. It’s that easy.

Ready for a new way to work from home, school from home, and live more efficiently ..from home? Reach out about your new Saussy Burbank home at Nexton. You’re going to like it here.

Saussy Burbank

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