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Where to Find Modern Homes in Charlotte NC

In the thriving city of Charlotte, you can find any type of house architecture you might want. If you’re wondering though where to find modern homes in Charlotte NC, this article will help you find the right home to suit your aesthetic.

Founded in 1768, modern Charlotte now boasts a wide range of architectural approaches. You’ll find Queen Anne, Victorian, and Colonial Revivalism style homes, Craftsman and Eclectic bungalows, or you can tour Tudor Revival, Cape Cod, or Mediterranean houses too. Of course, there are also many modern home builders in Charlotte NC. So you can find many different takes on modern homes here.

First, let’s clarify, when we’re talking about modern homes in Charlotte, we mean contemporary modern. Yes, you can find a mid-century Modern home in Charlotte. Perhaps even in the same neighborhood as a Baroque or Neoclassical build — really, we have everything. But, the homes we are talking about are contemporary modern. Here’s what that means for homeowners.

Characteristics of Charlotte Modern Homes

Contemporary modern homes in Charlotte NC share similarities with the classic modern home. For instance, they will typically be post-and-beam structures with a flat or broad low-pitched roof, just as the homes built after the 1920s and into the 1970s did. Nevertheless, there will be some distinctions in the contemporary modern home.

Use of modern materials. This is what mid-century Modern architects such as Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe did, too. But the materials used have changed. Now you are more likely to see steel roofs, steel structural supports and synthetic sidings. Green materials in particular are in high demand now as architects and builders embrace sustainable design practices.

Open floor plan. Someone in the kitchen doesn’t want to feel left out of what’s going on in the dining or living room, especially when entertaining guests. We’ve been breaking down the walls separating rooms to see each other throughout the house (even if we’re looking at each other looking at our phones!).

Lots of natural light. Natural light is obviously a component for happy, healthy living. But this also boosts the home’s energy efficiency. Home builders are working hard to make choices in the modern homes of Charlotte, NC, to reduce energy and water usage. You might even see solar panels on the roof to help handle heating and cooling.

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High-end kitchens. Despite the fact that many of us are eating out more, the kitchen remains a central hub in the house. A modern home is likely to have top notch appliances, an abundance of storage, and sleek backsplash and counters to make for an elegant and appealing space.

Bringing technology home. We each have our individual gadgets that we can’t part from. Yet, we’re moving to embrace even more technology in the home. Smart appliances are a start. Still, the modern home is also likely to include devices to allow users to control lighting, heating, music, television, and more with remotes, their voices, or apps on their phone. E.g. “Hey, Google, what’s the score of the Panthers game?”

Security systems. Another characteristic of smart, modern homes is the increased security. Many home owners are wanting to move into new houses with security systems already in place. These security solutions, too, are often managed with panels in the home but also remote operation via mobile devices.

Storage abounds. We mentioned the storage in the kitchen already, but modern home owners love their stuff. Or at least they can’t bring themselves to part with the stuff that they don’t even think about much. So, finding more ways to incorporate storage spaces throughout the house is a hallmark of modern homes in Charlotte, NC.

Entertaining matters. The open plan and that exciting kitchen are both components of the emphasis on entertaining in contemporary modern homes. Architects and home builders are designing functional floor plans that are comforting to the residents but welcoming too for guests dropping by (and hopefully not overstaying their welcome).

Outdoor living areas. The effort to appeal to the eyes of others begins with the outdoor landscaping and the choice of the right front door. Appealing garden spaces for outdoor entertaining are another top feature of modern homes. These are often adaptable, mixed-use spaces that flow smoothly into the indoor living space as well.

Making the most of mud rooms. If you can see so much more in an open plan modern home, with a lot of natural light, it’s perhaps more important than ever to have a mud room. In modern home design the home owner wants a specific space where they can keep the grimy stuff and corral all the kids’ sporting equipment. Don’t misunderstand, though. These rooms are not grungy overall. They will also have sleek appliances and stylish design along with their functionality.

Moving into a Modern Home in Charlotte

Charlotte has been traditional in the past, but with the influx of people moving to the city from around the country, contemporary modern homes are gaining popularity. Although typically offering clean lines, high ceilings, large islands and natural elements, modern homes in Charlotte NC demonstrate architects and home builders embracing what works best from all of the styles that came before.

These homes suit the modern lifestyle of Charlotteans — whether they are life-long residents or the new arrivals. You can find what you’re looking for in modern home design in the Queen City.

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