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Healthy Charleston Home

Creating a healthier home for your family in Charleston

We know how important it is to help your family live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Proper nutrition, activities to help them move, and a good night’s rest all play a part in that.

And so does your environment—especially your home.

In fact, one of the benefits of building new construction with Saussy Burbank is knowing your home is already one step ahead. Unlike older houses built with dangerous chemicals and materials – such as asbestos in insulation or lead paint and pipes throughout the home – new construction utilizes only the latest, safest and best materials to build your home.

Starting with a healthy foundation is only the first step. With a few conscious design choices and added elements, you can ensure you’re creating the healthiest home for your entire family.

Here’s how…

6 Ways to Build a Home That Keeps You Healthy

Plan Space to Garden

Whether you purchase a house with ample outdoor space for in-ground gardening or are interested in enjoying the small-home life with a patio that’s perfect for container gardening, putting your green thumb to use has many health benefits. To start, just the act of gardening itself will get you outdoors and moving. Secondly, gardening will help (hopefully) to produce a bounty of healthy fruits and vegetables to fuel your body when it comes time to harvest. Plus, in Charleston, you can grow something yummy practically year-round!

Trust us you’ll want those veggies once you…

Design a Kitchen You’ll Love to Work In

Equipping your home with a kitchen you’ll enjoy cooking in is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy—and keep more money in your pockets. By cooking at home every night, you are able to:

Surround yourself with nature

It’s not just the house that should be taken into account when looking to build or buy. Where you live—and more specifically, what you have access to—is equally important. Consider your proximity to parks, walking paths, fitness centers and recreational pools that allow you to keep your wellness a priority, without being a hassle to get to.

Entertain Your Guests

You know what they say, “laughter is the best medicine”—and we think they’re right. The more frequently you entertain friends and family, the happier you’ll be and in turn, it can improve your health. Being happy has been scientifically proven to:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Combat stress (which impacts sleep, blood pressure, autoimmune conditions, etc.)
  • Improve your heart health
  • Promote healthy habits that increase life expectancy

Increase Your Natural Lighting

If you’re someone who finds themselves attracted to light and bright airy spaces, you’re not alone. In fact, natural lighting improves both our physical and emotional health, helping us to feel better, increase our energy and stay motivated throughout the day. Other benefits of natural lighting include:

Enjoy the “New Construction” Benefits

While it may not have the “new car” smell, there are many benefits of buying new construction in Charleston. As mentioned earlier, you can sleep easily knowing that the materials used are the safest on the market, free of harmful toxins and chemicals.

Additionally, new homes come equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC systems that work to keep the air you breathe day and night void of impurities and allergy-triggering dust, dander and other outdoor pollutants. Finally, it’s not just the materials that we’re proud of. Our experienced team works hard to ensure that the house you’ll be raising your family in will keep you safe and healthy. With moisture-resistant materials and applications, we won’t let mold or mildew invade your home.

At Saussy Burbank we’re big fans of building houses—but even bigger fans of building homes that families can count on from day one. From top-notch safety materials to the perfect Charleston neighborhood to enjoy your evening walk in, our centrally-located houses are waiting for you to call them home. Explore our communities today.

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