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Finding your perfect Charleston neighborhood: What today’s buyer wants

When it comes to buying your next house in charming Charleston, SC, it’s not just about finding a home that matches your wish list. A perfect kitchen for entertaining or backyard for years of birthday parties to come is certainly important, finding a perfect-for-you home in a not-so-dreamy neighborhood could be a deal breaker.

Turns out, finding a “dream neighborhood” is just as important to today’s homebuyers as the house itself—and for good reason. When investing your hard-earned money into a forever home, you deserve to be surrounded by your favorite activities, stores, and amenities.

So, what is on the must-have lists of current homebuyers?

10 neighborhood must-haves

According to a new study from dream neighborhoods should include a close proximity to:

  1. Grocery Stores
  2. Parking Spaces
  3. Excellent Public School Systems
  4. Fine Dining Restaurants
  5. Fast Casual Restaurants
  6. Farmer’s Market
  7. Public Libraries
  8. Big Box Stores
  9. Bike Lanes and Paths
  10. Public Transportation

Other aspects that made a neighborhood worthy of the “dream” location included commute times (14 minutes being ideal) and avoiding areas prone to excess sound. Following right on the heels of the top ten list were things such as culture throughout the community, areas full of families, and communal gardens to enjoy.

Interestingly, that same study claims that more than “70% of respondents said they did not currently live in their ‘dream’ neighborhood”. 

Find your dream neighborhood in Charleston, SC

If you’re nodding your head in agreement with those not currently living in their dream neighborhoods—but are eager to find your very own slice of heaven to call home—here are some of our best tips for getting a jump start on your dream neighborhood search.

  • Spend Some Time There: Unless you’re walking the sidewalks, enjoying the eateries and driving the streets yourself, you’ll never get a real first-hand feel for how the town truly is.
  • Check the Stats—But Don’t Rely Only On Numbers: Data is important when it comes to city growth, school success, and crime rates but be careful not to read too much into the numbers. Instead speak with local residents and employees to get a comprehensive view of the town.
  • Study Local Pricing: According to, “Don’t just look at the average sales prices of neighborhoods—analyze price appreciation for recently-sold properties, as well as how much properties are selling over or under ask.”
  • Visit at Varying Times: Don’t just visit a neighborhood at 10AM each time you go. As you may expect, the roads will be slow and quiet with most people at work and children at school. Instead, visit during after school hours, right before dinnertime and even later at night. You want to know what the energy and traffic looks like all day long.

Saussy Burbank builds in Charleston’s best neighborhoods

We’re building new homes in Charleston’s most charming, most desirable communities. With phenomenal school districts, quaint town centers, ample natural paths and parks, and short commutes to some of the biggest companies in the country, it’s a no-brainer why places like Nexton, Carolina Park, and Summers Corner are quickly becoming the go-to communities for locals and relocators alike.

Local Charleston real estate agent Abasi Chapman agrees. “Living in Charleston is all about location, accessibility, and amenities. With an ease of access to interstates that get you downtown, to the beaches, to Lake Moultrie or the mountains without a hassle, this place is ideal for those with a sense of adventure. Looking to just stay local? There’s plenty to do for everyone in the family.”

When you’re ready to find your dream home, explore our fabulous communities like uber-connected Nexton, ideally located Carolina Park, and walkable Summers Corner. We’ve got a perfect home waiting for you.

Saussy Burbank

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