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Looking to Live Where the Living Is Easy? There’s An App – and a Smart House – For That

Lights on?
TV off?
Front door locked?
Preheating the oven?
…all from the comfort of our smartphones?

From opening and closing doors to temperature control and video doorbells, the desire of home buyers to have smart home features is quickly on the rise. Interestingly, smart homes are still a relatively new concept, only truly in the market within the last decade; that said, when there’s a need for convenience, there’s an app for that.

In fact, according to a survey of 2642 participants, “54% of homes own at least one smart-home device, with the most popular being smart speakers, interactive security systems and smart thermostats. Smart-home adopters say that the main reasons for buying into the smart home products are that they are easy to use, very convenient, and that they feel more secure.”

Make Life a Little Easier

While many people use apps with Alexa features for asking questions or playing music, smart devices like this go beyond entertainment. Need a new recipe? Alexa has it. Want to control the temperature in your house? Look no further. Writing your grocery list? Tell Alexa and she’ll email it to you—or take it a step further and she’ll order everything to be sent straight to your front door.

Ideal for busy parents on the go—or for aging adults who need a more hands-off approach to their daily routine—equipping your house with a smart device like Alexa gives you the virtual assistant you probably never knew you needed.

Feel Safer at Home

Convenience isn’t the only benefit, however. Perhaps even more important is the peace of mind homeowners get thanks to their smart homes. From safety features that work to keep us safe while inside the home—to devices that alert us when we’re not, these are some of our favorite smart home safety features:

  • Ring Doorbell (So you always see who is or has been at your front door.)
  • Nest Protect (Which works as a smoke detector.)
  • Apple HomeKit (Turns on and off lights, locks doors, etc.)
  • Top of the Line Security Systems (To watch your home and alert you of intruders or motion.)
  • Smart Appliances (So you can turn your oven off from anywhere in the world.)
  • Leak or Moisture Detectors (Which can help you avoid a complete loss due to water damage.)

Charleston Smart Homes

At Saussy Burbank, we work hard so you don’t have to. With every design detail and benefit in mind, our Charleston communities are quickly becoming the go-to destinations for new homebuyers who want beauty, convenience, location, and value. And in communities like Nexton, the first gigabit community in South Carolina, we partner with the experts at Home Telecom so your home is working with the latest in smart home technologies.

If you’re looking to buy or build a new home that makes living the Lowcountry life that much easier (and smarter) you’ve come to the right place in Summerville. Give us a call today to schedule a showing. We can’t wait to help you unlock the door to your new adventure— with your smartphone, of course. 

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