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The Front Door

The front door proves time and again to be a symbol of the home. Sure the front door serves as the entrance to most residential structures, but perhaps this crucial piece of architectural design has a deeper purpose.

We believe the front door tells a story. A story that captures both the beginning and culmination of a homeowner. More than often little changes are made to the exterior of a home, but the front door is indeed the one article that can ebb and flow with the passing of time and owner. Structurally a house can remain the same through many hands and yet the doorway is where a person can claim their time with a property.

If first impressions are everything then the front door certainly owns the right to setting the tone for what lies beyond the threshold. The personality of a home is often stamped on the door through design, color and décor.

Whether it is a cute chunky craftsman with a coat of chic color or an elegant timeless stained wood, each front door we choose for our homes is done thoughtfully. We continuously hope to build homes throughout the Carolinas with front doors that create and preserve our homeowner stories.

Please enjoy the gallery below of front doors we have installed in our homes located in the Raleigh Durham, Charlotte and Charleston areas.

Image Gallery

Saussy Burbank

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