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What’s hot in bathroom design in 2019

There are some things you expect to get excited about. Vacations, new cars, and even your new home—but a brand new bathroom design? Who would have thought. Apparently, the designers at Saussy Burbank did, knowing full well that a beautifully executed bathroom is something EVERY new homeowner looks for.

Massive walk-in showers? Kid-friendly designs? Soaker tubs for hard-earned relaxation? YES. YES. And, YES! With Charleston’s best new homes builder behind the scenes of your bathroom, you get a bathroom that checks all the boxes.

Below are a few of the trends our Charleston homeowners are currently loving—and a few trends we can’t wait to showcase!

Luxury Shower and Bath Combo

Shower one day, a long soak the next. It doesn’t get any better than a gorgeous bathroom design that includes both a large walk-in shower AND a soaker tub for the days you need it most. The duo is both functional and provides a beautiful, spa-like experience for homeowners. Designers note: Bathrooms that showcase both a shower and tub in one typically need 40 square feet to make it work without feeling cramped.

Jack and Jill Bathrooms

A throwback to the 70s, jack and jill bathrooms are quickly gaining popularity again—and for good reason. These efficient use of space and functionality allows direct access to the bathroom’s “wet space” (ie: tub and toilet area) from two different bedrooms while retaining private sinks on either side. This is an ideal solution for older kids getting ready in the morning or connecting a bathroom to both a child’s room and a guest room.

Floor to Ceiling Glass Enclosures

If you want to step foot into a breathtaking spa experience every time you walk into your bathroom, then look no further than floor to ceiling glass walls and doors. The increased visibility instantly opens up even the smallest of bathrooms and allows the shower wall designs to take center stage. This seamless look can be achieved with a singular glass panel wall or connecting walls and doors. 

Bathroom Tiles—EVERYWHERE

If you thought tiles were just for floors, think again. The trend to continue tile design past a basic backsplash or floor design and onto an entire wall is more en vogue than ever. Now, homeowners are opting for bathrooms that have wall to wall tile, making it easier to clean, providing a sleeker visual, and eliminating any worry about chipping paint caused by humidity. Like a grand soaker tub, this look instantly makes an everyday bathroom look and feel like a tranquil getaway.

New Materials and Designs For Floors

Speaking of materials, are you ready to experiment with your bathroom design? If there’s one thing we know about Charleston homebuyers, it’s that they crave bold, eye-popping colors and designs. By going past the typical offerings of home builders (bye bye, beige paint and tile!) and instead exploring all Saussy Burbank’s bathroom design options, you can design a bathroom to suit any vision you have in mind. Interested in trying new floor materials? Tile, concrete, natural stones, ceramic and even beautifully engineered woods can make a bathroom stand apart from the crowd. How about trying new colors? Choose an accent wall with colors and designs that feel most like you. With this space being one of the most used areas of a home, the design should be everything you imagined.

Kid-Approved Bathroom Designs

First things first: even if you opt to only have a large walk-in shower in your master, a bathtub is always a great idea for a kid’s bathroom. Especially for younger children that can’t shower on their own – you’ll thank us later for making sure you have a big tub to safely wash off all the “interesting ways” kids find to have fun! Beyond the tub, kid’s bathrooms become even more efficient with additions like pull-out step stools, extra built-in shelves in the shower walls (for rubber ducky, of course!), and fun fixtures. 

No matter what you choose for your bathroom oasis, Saussy Burbank can bring your vision to life. From floor designs to fixtures and a functional approach to elegance at every turn, we design bathrooms to  suit any style. Don’t settle for the average home builder stock bathroom, get in touch today



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