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Where to catch a Lowcountry sunset: from John’s Island to Summerville

The sun sinks below the horizon and a light blue morphs into a kaleidoscope of pink and purple hues. You catch a glimpse of a heron gliding in your periphery, and the first croak of a tree frog grabs your attention. The heat of the day begins to dissipate, ushering in a warm humid night in the Lowcountry. You’re watching an east coast sunset and somehow, each is better than the last.

It’s a favorite way to end a perfect day in the Charleston region, for both visitors and home owners alike. But where to catch the best views? Pretty much anywhere will do – you can trust there will be no mountains blocking your views around here! But to make it simple, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite Charleston-region spots to take it all in. Check them out!

Summerville. Yes, it’s a little broad to select as a “location,” but there’s something about the location of Summerville that invites dramatic sunsets. Gahagan Park is a good bet, but so is Encore Park, tucked into the heart of Nexton. Homeowners are often treated to vibrant evening skies that they can take in from the park’s many undulating hills or from the playground within. Let the littles burn off the last of their energy while you revel in a Summerville sunset.

Brittlebank Park. A sunset over the Ashley River is a must-see if you live or visit the Charleston area. A playground, walking paths, and fishing pier provide plenty of activity while you wait for the sun to sink below the horizon. Just make sure you stop to take it all in.

Shem Creek. Prefer to dine while you unwind as the sun sets? Shem Creek has a variety of great food and beverage options to take in while you let the day come to an end. And if you’re lucky enough to catch dolphins fishing the creek while the sky lights up in purple and pink….well, that’s one evening you’ll never forget.

Kiawah River. The lesser known cousin to Kiawah Island, Kiawah River is a quiet enclave in John’s Island upon its namesake river. Homeowners get a front row seat to breathtaking sunsets from their sweeping porches every evening, but you can see it even if you aren’t calling the community home. Access the river via boat and enjoy the show from the water. You’ll get the vibrance in the sky and the reflection on the water. Perfection.

Folly Beach. Maybe a bit cliche but we can’t leave out the eastern-most point in the USA! They get to see the show first, after all. Painted skies delight beach goers well into the evening. Wade along the shore, stroll ankle-deep, or sit on the pier. There’s no better way to wrap up a beach day in Charleston.

Wish Lowcountry sunsets were part of your every day life? We can make it happen. Reach out to an agent today to find your perfect Lowcountry home.

Saussy Burbank

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