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Fall 2022 Home Design Trends: What’s New

For many of us, our homes are more than mere roofs over our heads. The house is an extension of our identity. Home design is not only a creative outlet but also impacts our wellbeing. For some, it definitely enhances their mood knowing that their design choices suit the latest aesthetics. That’s why this article rounds-up predictions for the Fall 2022 home design trends.

Many different style publications weigh in with predicted home design trends for the season. To save you from having to get all those magazines delivered to your mailbox (and — gasp— cluttering your house!) we share five trends that came up consistently across the likes of Vogue, House Beautiful, Home and Garden, and HGTV.

#1 Natural Warmth

There are many different takes on this trend, but the consensus is that welcoming and cozy is a top Fall 2022 home design theme. The interior designers are enjoying it. Athena Calderone, founder of Eyeswoon, told Vogue: “Who wouldn’t want to design a room that feels like a warm hug?”

But how do you deliver natural warmth in home decor? Suggestions include:

  • Working with earthy brown fabrics and leather. Who can argue with designer Erick Garcia’s pro-aging perspective in Vogue: “Leather in rich tones offset cooler metals and have the ability to tell a story over time as they wear through use—we shouldn’t be afraid of age showing its face.”
  • Incorporating wood, stone, linen for their tactile quality and warm tones
  • Snuggling up with a more elegant shade; Homes and Gardens suggests a smoky eggplant as an accent for a tawny brown or ochre
  • Using stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and decorations
  • Letting “Earth’s magical wonders” take center stage. Designer Justina Blakeney told Vogue she’s using more “objects made from sparkling crystals and swirling marbles, mushroom silhouettes, pieces that incorporate raw natural materials and exotic flora and fauna motifs.”


#2 Whimsy

Still, you don’t have to turn your entire home interior muddy brown or clay grey. Designer Mimi Meacham told HGTV she’s seeing more people “embracing fun colors and unique prints.” She suggests, “Utilizing colorful printed fabrics, custom upholstered sofas, chairs and window treatments will be fun, fierce and another way to bring personality into the space.”

Bringing in vintage styles is another way to be on trend. Martyn Lawrence Bullard predicted in Vogue people will be embracing a new spin on their grandparents’ homes with an “updated chintz vibe” or an “added touch of glamour with unexpected fringe and piping additions.”

HGTV and House Beautiful point to a rebound of 70s decor — that includes sage and mustard! “This decor style is relaxed and fun, evocative of the free-spiritedness and optimism of the 70s era,” trend specialist Matilda Martin said in House Beautiful.

Or, a whimsical wallpaper can be a dominant design element. You can really make it fit the Fall 2022 design trends by making it tactile too.

Another way to make a statement? Look to your fixtures. Designer Shayelyn Woodbery tells Homes and Gardens, “Outsized lights add ambience and drama – view it as jewelry for the space.”


#3 Sculptural

Sculptural furniture and curved shapes are a continuation of the desire for comfort. Sarah Sherman Samuel expects to see softer shapes and angles in furniture and architecture. “A curved form is subconsciously read as safe, friendly and welcoming,” the designer told Vogue.

The curves of sculptural furniture or objects harken back to the shapes in nature and can give a “more gracious and sensual” feel.

It’s all part of the move back to “slow, mindful living and ritualistic life,” as Homes and Gardens puts it. “There’s nostalgia for eras we can barely imagine…In interiors this means rough forms, the simple handcrafted objects connected to ceremony and symbolism.”


#4 Double Duty

COVID had more people staying in and working from home. While things are opening up, the shift perspective persists. More people are looking for rooms in their homes to multitask.

“As people spend more time in their homes, they expect the spaces to work harder for them,” Timothy Corrigan told Vogue. He suggested we’ll see more dining rooms walls lined with wine storage or books, guest rooms fitted with desks, and bedrooms equipped with exercise equipment.

Making spaces more multifunctional reflects our growing understanding that we “can live with less, especially after the past year,” designer Amy Leferink told HGTV.

The lower-level space formerly known as the basement is also getting more attention. Designer Georgia ZIkas told HGTV, “these are now multi-purpose, lower-level living spaces equipped with full kitchens, home theater tiered seating, games…These spaces allow for more family fun and safer entertaining with small groups.”


#5 Diversity

Increased awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion is seen in home design trends too. Whether it’s looking to display visual arts from different communities or sourcing furniture, fixtures, and accessories from minority-owned businesses, homeowners are making choices that speak to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

“Gone are the days of high-brow art collecting dominating the scene,” Daniele Colding told Vogue. “My clients are looking for fresh faces on the art scene. They also want collections that reflect the diversity of our world and the perspectives these artists offer.”

Finding the Home for these Trends

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