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Loyal Homeowner Moves into Three Saussy Burbank Homes

Buying your first home is memorable, but not always easy. For Deborah Donoghue of Charlotte, it didn’t take long to find the perfect place for her family. The first place her realtor took her to 20 years ago was a single-family Saussy Burbank home. She quickly fell in love. That enthusiasm for our homes has continued over her next two purchases as well. This article shares Donoghue’s experience in Saussy Burbank homes.

The first property Donoghue purchased with her husband was located in Blakeney Greens, across from the Blakeney shopping center in South Charlotte. Having decided where they wanted to live, she and her husband visited the Saussy Burbank model home first. “It was absolutely gorgeous,” Donoghue says. The marble countertops, hardwood floors, and raised bathroom countertops made a real impression. “I was in love.”

Not wanting to buy the first house she saw, they went on to look at other homes in the area. But, nothing compared. Even a larger home, also newly built by another builder, with the same price point didn’t sway her. Remembering the quality details at the Saussy Burbank home, such as the wood casings around the windows and doors, she said, “That’s it. We don’t need to see anymore.”

The experience was simple and straightforward. They were able to go to pick out a corner lot and visit the design center to make the house their own. Within six months, Donoghue’s family was able to move into their new home. “It was just simple, no pressure,” she said.

Moving to a Second Saussy Burbank Home

After just three years, Donoghue’s husband wanted to take advantage of the market and sell. Although Donoghue loved her home and was “really heartbroken,” she agreed the decision made sense. The family sold at a profit and rented in the area for a few years until they were ready to buy again.

When Donoghue’s husband mentioned Saussy Burbank was building in the Ardrey Crest neighborhood, she was immediately interested. Being able to get a new Craftsman-style home in the neighborhood with the same attention to detail and features they already knew they loved? They looked again at other homes by other builders, but the Donoghues’ decided on a Saussy Burbank house once more.

“They just make it easy,” she says. They were one of the first families to buy in the development following the housing crash of 2008. Again they could pick their lot. They were also able to upgrade more extensively with attractive incentives offered at the time.

“It was a beautiful house, and it is still a beautiful home,” Donoghue says. In fact, the new homeowner who bought the house in April 2022 texted Donoghue six months later to say how much they were loving the home.

Yet, it wasn’t ultimately the right layout or spot for Donoghue. She’d decided she wanted a downstairs homeowner’s suite and the couple wanted to be in a smaller, quieter neighborhood. That led them to the Cottages at Marvin Gardens.

Enjoying 55+ Living in Marvin

Donoghue actually called Saussy Burbank telling them what she was looking for before the company even announced its Marvin Gardens neighborhood. But, when she learned an age-restricted community (55+) featuring 25 single-family residences was on the horizon, she just kept calling Saussy Burbank for updates.

Although she wasn’t sure at first about the 1 and 1/2 story layout, which she couldn’t quite imagine, she moved into her cottage in May 2022. It helped also that Saussy Burbank homes, she says, “hold their value,” so she was again able to make a good sale of her previous house.

While many people say to downsize when you’re older, Donoghue went up to roughly 3,200 square feet. “I wanted to upsize. This is my final home.” Her new cottage is bigger and just as beautiful. Although she misses the crawl space of her previous homes and didn’t get as much leeway about the lot choice, she is happy with the purchase. Of her new place, she says, “I love it.”

Because the community is smaller, the neighbors really get to know one another. “It’s older and more mature,” she says. Meanwhile, she could walk to the grocery store and is close to the freeway to go do what she wants.

The Saussy Burbank Difference

Asked how she’d recommend Saussy Burbank homes to others, Donoghue mentioned the high quality of the houses. Plus, “they stand by their word,” she says. “They are going to honor their warranty, and you don’t have to hunt them down and call them four or five times.”

While no builder offers carte blanche to let you do whatever you want, she credits Saussy Burbank with being willing to work with buyers. “They are a small, local builder, so they don’t have the big binder attitude of ‘you do what I say.’”

Donoghue values the longstanding relationship she’s developed with Saussy Burbank. The advantages include “knowing what to expect” and “even learning what is standard and what is going to be considered an upgrade.” At this point, she says, with a laugh, “I feel like family and not even a stepchild.”

See what’s available at Saussy Burbank now. You can join the family too.

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