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A Naughty and Nice List for Home Buyers

Santa inflatables and light-up reindeers are starting to appear on many lawns around Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Charlotte. So, it’s a good time to share a naughty and nice list for home buyers in the Carolinas. See what can hinder or help you when looking to find your first or next house.

Naughty list

There are many reasons you might be house hunting. Perhaps your family is growing. Or the kids are gone and you want to simplify things in an age-in-place home. Or you’re relocating to the Carolinas because you have already enjoyed enough snow shoveling to last you a lifetime. Regardless of your reason, when looking to buy a home, try to avoid these behaviors that can cause stress and delays or waste the time of everyone involved in the transaction.

Unrealistic budgeters

Looking at homes before knowing what you can realistically afford can lead to heartbreak. You may get emotionally attached to a property that you can’t afford. If you disregard your budget constraints to make your offer, you could end up losing out when you can’t get the financing together to convince a lender you can pay for that home. Or, if you do get the mortgage, you could still end up feeling financial stress because you have made yourself house rich but too broke to do anything else.

Serial lowballers

You may know your budget limit, but not want to spend at the top of your range. So, you keep looking to land a bargain. You consistently make lowball offers on properties, but don’t get the house you want. Instead, you’re frustrating sellers and probably annoying your own agent too because of the time wasted putting those ill-received offers together.

Information hoarders

If you don’t fully share information with your real estate agent, you can make the entire process more challenging. The person helping you to find the best home in the right neighborhood needs to know your true budget and preferences. When you have issues with a property, tell your realtor so they can better tailor your showings to what you want to see.

Dithering decision makers

Buying a home is a big decision. Yet, if you find a problem with every property, you’ll going to be looking a long time. Those who nitpick over inspection reports, particularly minor issues, can see their deals fall apart. And if you spend forever going back and forth before making a decision, you could miss opportunities and cause delays that make the process more stressful for everyone.

Nice list

You want to be on the nice list. You know you do. Try to channel these types of home buyers when you’re in the midst of your search and you could have more success.

Effective communicators

When you can be open and honest with your real estate agent you’ll have an easier time finding homes that match your needs. Communicating your preferences can also streamline the process as your agent will know to show you Craftsman homes or only places with a homeowner’s suite on the first floor.

Prepared buyers

Researching neighborhoods and looking into property values in the current market can help you prepare for a successful home purchase. You can also smooth the buying process by getting your finances in order at the outset. Contact lenders and get your pre-approval letter in place in advance to avoid disappointment down the road.

Flexible searchers

Understanding that finding the right home will take time, and that you may need to be flexible, can make it easier to find a perfect property that fits your preferences. You’ll know what you like and want, but when you remain open to alternatives and adjustments you may improve your chances of finding a great opportunity.

Respectful negotiators

If you can avoid aggressive or confrontational negotiations, you will have better success making a positive deal with a seller. Plus, your agent will be happier to work on your behalf, which helps too. This can include thorough home inspections, but you’ll  want to be reasonable about what you expect is fair to address in that report before close.

Finding a home for you

It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re searching for your home. Keeping these naughty and nice list traits in mind during your home buying journey can take some of the stress out of the experience. By avoiding the negative behaviors and staying on the nice list, you may see more success finding and closing on the home of your dreams.

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